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Birthday Flowers

Often called a “Birth Flower”, or “Birth Month Flower”, it is believed that each month has a flower to symbolize a person’s birth.

These Birthday Flowers differ by country or region, but in the US following is the accepted convention:

Birth Month Birthday Flower Symbolizes
January Carnation Fascination, distinction, and love
February Primrose Modesty, distinction, and virtue
March Daffodil Spring, rebirth, domestic happiness, vanity
April Daisy/Peony Innocence, loyal love, gratitude, and healing
May Hawthorn/Lily of the Valley Happiness, humility and sweetness
June Rose/Honeysuckle Love, gratitude, appreciation
July Water Lily/Delphinium/Larkspur Joyful, fickleness, sweet
August Poppy/Gladiolus Moral integrity
September Morning Glory/Aster Daintiness, love, magic
October Calendula/Marigold Winning grace; protection; comfort; healing
November Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness, friendship, abundance
December Holly/Narcissus Sweetness, self-esteem, vanity
[Source: Wikipedia]

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