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Roses – A Flower of Many Flavors

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

When most of think about the Rose, we normally think in terms of colors or, maybe, differentiate based on use (garden roses, ornamental roses, cut roses, etc.).

Bur roses have a lot more up their leaves – I mean – sleeve. 😉

Scientifically, roses are woody perennials of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae. They can also be classified according species (more than 100), cultivars and hybrids. Then, if you wish, you can distinguish between them according to size and type, such as mini and compact roses, shrubs, climbers, ornamentals, cut flowers, etc. And, apart from enjoying their splendor, roses are also used for perfume, food, drink and – even – medicine.

Others, like the American Rose Society, firstly classifies roses into three main types: Species Roses (“wild roses”), Old Garden Roses (pre-1867), and Modern Roses (since 1867). The last two types are deemed to be hybrids of (i.e. derived from) wild roses. Once a rose has been typecast according to the aforesaid system, rose enthusiasts typically proceed to categorize them according to criteria such as blooming characteristics, scent, size, color, growth habits, ancestry, date of introduction,etc., etc.

About the Rose

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Probably the world’s most well-known and popular flower, the rose has a place in history, culture and literature, unequaled by any other plant.

There are hundreds (perhaps, even, 1000’s) of species and varieties of roses, consisting of shrubs, trailing plants, compacts, hybrids, mini roses, 20ft climbers, and more! Not to mention the hundreds of available color varieties, sure to please everyone’s taste.

Roses are well-loved as exquisite perfumed ornamental plants, both outdoors and indoors, but it’s their cut-flowers that has made them popular throughout the ages. Fact is, a rose can say so much without words and, often, words are unnecessary or, indeed, would be redundant, superfluous or, even, detrimental. So instead, opt for roses to convey the message you can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t give, and let the fragrant beauty of the rose do it for you. Rose meanings are well-understood, especially since Victorian times, and the symbolism of the right rose color will be instantly understood.

No wonder the rose has inspired so many poets, and enchanted so many hearts. 😉

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