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A Single Red Rose

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

A single red rose you would bring to me,
Its significance was always very clear to see.
A single red rose, for a single love,
A love over the years we both grew to be so proud of.

Music and moments only we could share,
The love I had longed for long ago filled by my prayer.
Of a man who would hold me and love me forever,
Always beside me no matter the weather.

Through the good times and bad times to always be there,
No love like ours, there would be none to compare.
No one would ever come between us or tear us apart,
This was true love right from the start.

When you came along this dream of mine,
You brought with you a love I had always hoped to find.
Every Friday on payday when you came home to me,
In your hand another single red rose for me to see.

Over the years those lovely visions still come to my mind,
Of our two hearts now together forever entwined.
Sealed by a single red rose brought by my true love,
A love sent long ago to me from heaven above.

[Author: Brenda Sparkman]

Just A Single Red Rose

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Just a single red rose
Centered in a clear vase
Symbolizes your love for me
Keeping my heart in a perfect pace
Darkness is no longer a lonely place

Just a single red rose
Surrounded by babies breath would
Symbolize your passion and tenderness
I feel with your every kiss
The warmth of your hands touching
My face
As you hold me in your arms,
Feeling your warm embrace

Just a single red rose…
The vividness of its color expressed of
A “true love”;
Baby, I thank my lucky stars
And God above
For giving me a chance at finding
My wonderful man…
So passionate…
So gentle…
So funny…
So kind…
Because now that we are still together…
It was truly HIS plan

[Author: bumblebee10]

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