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Send One Rose

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Why pay for a whole bunch of roses when a single Rose can say it so much better! You can send a strong and clear message with just one Rose:

  • A single Rose can say “I’m Jealous.”
  • A single Rose can say “It’s Over.”
  • A single Rose can say “I’m Sorry.”
  • A single Rose can say “Thank You.”
  • A single Rose can say “We’re Friends Forever.”
  • A single Rose can say “You Are Beautiful.”
  • A single Rose can say “You are Pure.”
  • A single Rose can say “You Bring Joy to My Life.”
  • A single Rose can say “I Love You.”


Order a Single Rose Now!

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Send one Rose from only $19.99* to anyone in the USA. (For bulk or wholesale rose orders, go here)

NEW You can now also order a single preserved rose.

To order a single fresh cut rose, just make your selection below:

One Perfect Single Rose

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A single red rose flaunts its vibrant crimson petals offset by lily grass blades and aspidistra leaf arranged in a square red glass vase, capturing your most romantic sentiments and offering a message of endless love.
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60 Bulk Single Roses

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A bulk order of 60 beautiful single rose arrangements per box. (Each arrangement contains 1 Rose stem, 1 stem of White Gypsophila and 1 stem of Ruscus Green).
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One Organic 3ft Rose

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This spectacular rose measures 3-4 feet in height and was bred to have an oversized white head and an edge of pink on the tips. But as no gift fit for royalty would be complete without an appropriate symbol, this perfect rose comes bedazzled with its own crystal tiara gem hand-placed on the stem of the rose! This rose will arrive in a specially designed white box and includes its own vase to support the single stunning stem.
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One Organic 4ft Rose

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This spectacular rose measures 4 feet in height! The ultimate in elegance and beauty, each stem boasts a large head which opens to an astonishing 3-4 inches in diameter, creating a sea of lush red rose petals that stay fresher longer. This is one extraordinary rose, coupled with the perfect vase (your choice of black or clear).
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Other single Rose choices…


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Sunday, December 16th, 2012


Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Birthdays are of course the most common type of anniversary, where you (are supposed to) annually commemorate the birth date (the date that person was born) of a loved one.

Although the way the birthday is celebrated depends on the local and cultural customs and the age of the lucky birthday man/woman, in Western society it is common to hold a birthday party and present that person with a gift.

It is also often the convention to give flowers, especially between adults in a relationship. Certain flowers are also associated with specific birthday months. To find your or your partner’s birthday flower, go here.

Even better, present your partner with a special single Rose – because…

A single rose says it so much better!

Single white RoseIf your lucky other half has a favorite color, it may be a good idea to select that color for the single Rose. We offer several different colors of solitary Roses, depending on the season.

Nowadays there is no excuse for forgetting a lover’s birthday, since there are various easy ways to set up yearly reminders, but should you forget, a single white Rose is the best way to ask for forgiveness. πŸ™‚

A heads-up: We now also offer single preserved roses if a longer-lasting (fresh) rose is your preference.




Sunday, December 16th, 2012

An annual anniversary is an important day to remember, commemorate and celebrate an important past event in a relationship, and you forget it at your own peril! (Guys, are you paying attention? πŸ˜‰ )

These are a few of the most important types of annual anniversaries on which to give your loved one a single rose.

You can also see important flower events and holidays on our floral calendar.


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