Send 1 RoseA single rose says it so much better!

How many roses to send?

Roses by the NumbersPeople often struggle with the question of how many roses to send to a lover or other party.

Does it even matter, you may ask?

Isn’t more always better?

No, less is often more. And, yes, it does matter.

The number of roses you send each tell a different story.

1 Rose A solitary rose in any color symbolizes the highest degree of devotion to one person. It can also mean “love at first sight”. (Personally, but then we’re a little biased, we think this is the only number of roses you’ll ever need!)
2 Roses If you wish to send a marriage proposal, give 2 intertwined roses. They also convey mutual feelings of love.
3 Roses These simply mean “I Love You”. (Gettit? That phrase has 3 words, and there are three roses… ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
5 Roses Says “I love you very much!”
6 Roses Need some love? Miss someone? A bouquet of 6 roses will convey that message!
7 Roses This one means “I’m totally passionate about you”.
9 Roses “I promise that we’ll be together for life”.
10 Roses If you’re flirting, or maybe it’s a first date, 10 roses will spell out “You’re pretty”, or perfect.
11 Roses Want to be different? Send one less than a dozen roses, as 11 roses indicate to your lover that you truly love them.
12 Roses A bunch of a dozen roses is the good ‘ol standby for most, and can mean “I love you”, “You’re mine”, or just tell someone your relationship has gone to the next level.
13 Roses If you’re not superstitious (and neither is the recipient), 13 roses – hopefully, that you sent anonymously – tells the recipient they have a secret admirer, or (if they already know who you are) that you’re forever friends.
15 Roses Guys, remember this one! It says “I’m really sorry!”.
20 Roses “My love for you is sincere”.
21 Roses When you’re committed to only one.
24 Roses “I always think of you” (24 hours/day).
25 Roses These are used to send congratulations.
36 Roses Tells your loved one that you remember your romantic moments.
40 Roses “My love for you is the real thing!”
44 Roses Send these when you want to promise constant and unwavering love.
50 Roses Symbolizes unbound love that has matured.
99 Roses Tells your lover that you’ll love them until you die.
100 Roses If your love/marriage will last (just) 100 years, this is for you. ๐Ÿ™‚
101 Roses Conveys “You’re my one and only”.
108 Roses Two entwined roses will do the trick (see above), but this number of roses also ask “Will you please marry me?”.
365 Roses This one’s easy, as there is a rose for each day of the year: “I love you every single day”.
999 Roses For those with deep pockets, 999 roses will tell your lover that your love will last till the end of time!
1001 Roses If you can afford it, 1001 roses symbolize indefinite love.

Finally, and this really is a no-brainer, 0 (zero) roses simply means you forgot your loved one’s birthday, a special day, or your anniversary! If that ever happens, immediately give 15 roses and, for good measure, add another 1001 (or more)! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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