Send 1 RoseA single rose says it so much better!

Just A Single Red Rose

Just a single red rose
Centered in a clear vase
Symbolizes your love for me
Keeping my heart in a perfect pace
Darkness is no longer a lonely place

Just a single red rose
Surrounded by babies breath would
Symbolize your passion and tenderness
I feel with your every kiss
The warmth of your hands touching
My face
As you hold me in your arms,
Feeling your warm embrace

Just a single red rose…
The vividness of its color expressed of
A “true love”;
Baby, I thank my lucky stars
And God above
For giving me a […] Continue Reading…


We now offer single Preserved Roses too

Exciting news! You can now also order a single preserved rose from our eBay store.

These preserved roses are 100% natural and have been “suspended” in time when freshly-cut to look vibrant for years with the correct care.

You can order a single preserved rose of your choice below.

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Roses – A Flower of Many Flavors

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When most of think about the Rose, we normally think in terms of colors or, maybe, differentiate based on use (garden roses, ornamental roses, cut roses, etc.).

Bur roses have a lot more up their leaves – I mean – sleeve. 😉

Scientifically, roses are woody perennials of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae. They can also be classified according species (more than 100), cultivars and hybrids. Then, if you wish, you can distinguish between them according to size and type, […] Continue Reading…


Roses, the ultimate romantic symbol

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The rose is the ultimate symbol of love, beauty, romance and passion. This single flower has the ability to convey an emotion like no other and has world-wide recognition and desire. Cleopatra famously insisted on a carpet of rose petals and a rose petal stuffed mattress when Mark Antony visited. Nero, the well known Roman Emperor, covered an entire beach with roses during a high profile celebration. Greek mythology details the rose was named by Aphrodite, the goddess of […] Continue Reading…


Roses: The Most Symbolic and Flawless Flowers of All Time

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When we think of roses most of us consider it as a symbol of romance and love. However, this beauty of a flower can be used to express many emotions and communicate sincerity for an array of occasions from personal to professional. Typically, a well-informed florist should be able to help you with finding the right rose for your occasion. Although, taking the time to learn some of the symbolism and history of this versatile and enchanting flower is […] Continue Reading…


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